Could your mobile phone be crucial to your health?

Technology is constantly evolving and improving, and with many daily tasks being made easier with smartphone apps which as being able to track your weight loss or order your food shopping, health care researchers are following suit.

365 Response, a private consultancy firm are developing software that has been dubbed ‘the healthcare equivalent to Uber (taxi app) following a £500,000 grant from The Department of Health’s small business research initiative.

The app will help seriously ill patients who receive regular appointments for kidney dialysis treatments. Through the app ‘Healthcab’, patients will be able to book NHS funded transport to and from hospital. They can also check the credentials of their driver and track the vehicle by GPS.

The aim of the app is to create a new efficient way to organise patient transport, and to check the suitability of the vehicles and drivers.

Brendan Hatchet, director of 365 Response, had said ‘“We think this is a very vulnerable group of patients and they should have knowledge and understand who’s picking them up,” he said. “It’s about making it easier for patients to access the journeys, take away incredibly long waits and take out the ‘do not attends’ and aborted journeys. It’s giving renal patients confidence that they can live their lives in a normal way, while not having to squeeze down their dialysis.”

Healthcab is set to be trialed on a small number of patients in Leeds who have their dialysis sessions during the night.

Patient Transport Software

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Avoid Conflicts & Errors

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  • Real-time adjustments – This kind of software makes it easier to provide real-time information and data about your patients own progress and development, and this helps when making adjustments due to delays or errors elsewhere
  • Stronger bed management – With patient discharges and transfers being dealt with as quickly and easily as possible, it becomes so much easier for a business to manage their bed turnaround times as well as the availability of certain features and therefore increase revenues for the long-term

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